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I'm from the east coast and have lived in Los Angeles now for about a year and a half. Fratell's, thus far, is the closes I've found in my area to the east coast experience in terms of Pizza.

Thin (but not flat bread thin) crust with the right amount of crunch when you bite. Fresh Mozzerella (not too salty) ... The olive oil underneath also fresh and is a bit sweet (as I like it) with a smooth gravy, NOT too sweet that complements rather than overwhelms the flavor of the cheese and other toppings you may have on your pie.

Delivery is always prompt and courteous and the price point is reasonable.


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I ordered food for my workers so I didnt eat the food but it looked delicious! I couldnt subject them to cheaper chain pizza places so I ordered from Fratellis. Id order there again for myself now! The delivery guy was very thorough and called me to make sure it was ok to leave with them. I left instructions when I ordered to bring to backyard. He did and called to follow up to make sure everything was ok.


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1st of all *NO DELIVERY FEE*

I ONLY order from places that do not add a fee so Fratelli's is now on my radar.

The Food.

I ordered TWO times today. Lunch and Dinner.
Food is very solid for Delivery Italian and I'm gonna have to say their fried mozzarella is delicious, cheese garlic bread is good, salads good, and pasta is solid.

Thank you Fratelli's for not adding on "fees"

Your Happy Customer,


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The pasta primavera with red sauce is really flavorful with a variety of veggies. I've gotten it with the cream sauce and they are equally delicious...depending on what you have a taste for. I always add the red pepper flakes, because I enjoy spicy food, but the food doesn't need it. The people who work at Fratelli's are very welcoming and patient. I highly recommend it.


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The pizza here is amazing. I've been going here for almost 3 years now. Tonight the pizza was kinda burnt. Not bad. But not up to the quality I'm used to from this place. I'm a bit put off because I asked for extra parmesan cheese packets and I got 0 so what's up with that?????

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1 review
Always fast, delicious, and priced fairly. This is the only restaurant on Seamless that have drivers who actually bring the food to my door (we are behind a house). The delivery people have always been pleasant. As for the food, we have had the lasagna, fettuccine alfredo, and spinach pink sauce ravioli. Highly recommend anything on the menu, we've never been let down.


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This place is great. Quick delivery and good fresh tasting nice crust pizza! Hard to find decent non - pizza hut delivery pizza in Echo Park! Have ordered the x large pepperoni mushroom at leat 5 times already.


2 reviews
Some of the best pizza I have had in Los Angeles, been going here for years and the people who work here are very friendly including the delivery person!!!!! Would definitely recommend!!!


1 review
This place is fantastic. Their food is consistently excellent and high quality (everything I have tried is great), and the drivers are all very friendly.


2 reviews
I've ordered from Fratelli's several times and the delivery has always been quick, the food hot and well made.

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Fratelli's Pizza is owned by two brothers. The chef has worked in Italian restaurants acquiring over 2 years experience in customer service, food preparation, and original Italian recipes. At Fratelli's, we are committed to customer satisfaction and quality ingredients. Our aim is to provide you with an enjoyable and original Italian culinary experience. We offer a wide variety of dishes to please all taste buds: traditional pizzas, gourmet pizzas, hot sandwiches, pastas, salads, dinner platters, and of course, desserts.